The analyst predicts Ethereum jump to $200

16:34 18 March /2019

The current position of Ethereum (ETH) could be the start for the growth of this coin to at least $200. This forecast was posted by an analyst DonAlt in his Twitter. DonAlt studied the movement of the digital currency and assessed the influence of external and internal factors on the formation of its course.

The expert stressed that the second cryptocurrency has already aimed at the explosive growth in the near future.

In his tweet he noted:

I aimed for $200. My forecast is still based on much higher prices. I was going to keep the “bearish” trend for the last three weeks, but suddenly everything changed.


At the time of publication, the ETH rate rose to $137,39, adding 0.5% over the past day. The market capitalization of this digital asset exceeded $14.716 billion on Monday.


At the end of February, some analysts and traders put on the preservation of the aggressive growth of the rate of the Ethereum.

The coin really began to get much greater popularity, which allowed it to re-occupy the second line in the ranking of the largest cryptocurrencies. The trading volume jumped to the highest level of this year.


ICO projects sold 400,000 ETH during November

During November, ICO-projects sold 416K ETH. This is the largest figure since the summer, reports Trustnodes.

According to Santiment, in August, ICO startups sold only 100,000 ETH. In September, sales of digital currency increased significantly, reaching 300 thousand ETH. In Nov

12:01 17 December /2018