“TenkoFX CashBack” Loyalty Program

Under the loyalty program, TenkoFX returns a part of the funds to its new customers within the first three months of trading since the time of registration of an account with the company.

Note that TenkoFX reimburses your costs, regardless of whether you have recorded profits or losses.

There is nothing complicated about receiving the CashBack fund: it is automatically credited to your Commission account.

The maximum and minimal CashBack amount from TenkoFX

The minimal amount is $5, while the maximum amount from a single trade cannot exceed $100. The maximum aggregate amount that can be obtained under our CashBack program is $1000.

CashBack calculation

STP accounts

from 2.4 pips per trade
(using 5th decimal pricing)

ECN and Crypto accounts

from 15% of ECN and Crypto Commission

The amount of CashBack, which can be obtained via our "TenkoFX CashBack" program, is based on the margin that is involved in all trading accounts of the client in the first three months of trading since the account registration with the company.

The standard commission or the percentage of the TenkoFX commission is a key value that is used in all CashBack calculations and partner remunerations at all levels.

The standard commission is equivalent to 2.4 points for a completed trade on STP-accounts and 15% of the commission on ECN accounts.

To calculate the CashBack amount, the standard commission is multiplied by a coefficient, which depends on the total involved margin on the accounts of a particular client. In the table below, you can find all the coefficient values for the CashBack calculation. On the right side of the table you can see an example of CashBack calculation for the Standard Commission ($15).

The commission multiplier

Used Margin Range

(% of Standard Commission)

Standard Commission = $ 15

< 5 000 $ 150% 22.50$
5 000 $ - 15 000 $ 105% 15.75$
15 000 $ - 50 000$ 70% 10.50$
50 000 $ - 130 000 $ 45% 6.75$
130 000 $ - 400 000 $ 25% 3.75$
400 000 $ - 1,05 mln $ 10% 1.50$
1,05 mln $ - 2,5 mln $ 0% -
2,5 mln $ - 5 mln $ 0% -
> 5 mln $ 0% -

To get a more in-depth image of the CashBack calculation example presented in the table above, check the chart below. You can see how the amount of CashBack is reduced as the total involved margin in the accounts of a particular customer grows. CashBack is especially advantageous for beginners who trade in small volumes.

CashBack calculation example

Standard commission:

$110 * 0,15 = $16,5


45 000 dollars

The total ECN commission from all accounts of a particular client for the first three months of trading since the moment of registration with the company was $110. The standard commission is 15% of the ECN commission.

The total margin involved in all the accounts of the client for the first three months of trading since registration is $45,000.

The coefficient or the commission multiplier for this specific range is 0.7 (70%).