20 USD/mio or 1 USD per lot.

The lightest ECN Commission which you have seen.

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Forex & CFD with TenkoFX

TenkoFX offers access to the Forex market and CFD commodity markets. Our main goal is flawless and instantaneous deal execution to ensure top quality trading. We operate under the ECN broker model with a real access to the interbank market and order execution under the Market Execution mode. In this case, other traders, banks and funds act as transaction counteragents. Our business is transparent, clear and strictly regulated.

The success of our clients is our success.

TenkoFX makes profit solely on commissions and spreads. Spreads or commissions are the only operating expenses for traders working with our company. Our priority is your profitable trade leading to growth of the total turnover for our company and thus of our profit. We regularly invest in new projects aiming at developing our services, creating innovative tools and expanding your trading opportunities. We are committed to providing full and relevant information to every client and guarantee comprehensive, useful and top notch support. We believe this is the only way to create trust-based long-term relations between brokers and traders.

Cryptocurrency Trading

TenkoFX always forges ahead and stays in tune with the time. We offer access to cryptocurrency trading via special crypto accounts. You can invest in new trading tools with the security and reliability of a TenkoFX Forex broker.

Risk Disclaimer:
Forex market trading gives you a chance to receive high income but at the same time you need to take into account a lot of factors and have special knowledge and skills to minimize investment risks. Make sure you are ready to accept the risks of losing funds. Do not trade with the funds that can affect your wellbeing if lost!

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